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Summer Tennis Program

The summer tennis program was created for kids ages 6-15. During the summer, kids tend to spend more time watching TV then being outside. This tennis program was designed to get kids playing tennis instead of watching TV. The program starts in the beginning of summer and goes until the kids go back to school.

The summer tennis camp program is in the morning’s Monday to Friday from 9-11am. The first half hour was designated to tennis running drills and footwork exercises. The next hour the kids improved their tennis strokes, which included the following strokes: forehand, backhand, serve, volley, and overhead. The last 30 minutes were the kids’ favorite, when they got to choose a fun tennis game.

These games included: Around the World, where the children hit the ball and run around the tennis court, Spiders and Snakes, where they pass the player that is on the other side of the court, and King of the Court, where they serve in both service boxes to become king. To reward them for good teamwork and play, the kids get stickers whenever they win a game or hit a cone, which is setup on the opposite side from them. After the sticker book is filled up, the kids get a prize.



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