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Tennis lessons

Why did you ever think of start to playing tennis? Somewhere in your mind you might have thought of playing tennis at a local tournament. Or is it that you just wish to play this game to spend your free time? Whatever be the case, be sure to come down to the Dave Kregel Tennis club where our tennis pros will coach you accordingly. That’s right, coach you accordingly is the right word as our coaches understand that every player has his own style of playing.

Here is something you could do for your kids if you wish to get them away from merely watching the TV or playing games on the computer. Get them to the Dave Kregel Tennis Club where our tennis programs will teach them important aspects of fitness like footwork, weight management and hand eye coordination. Apart from tennis concepts, our tennis program for kids will do a lot for them to have fun while they learn.

Type of Tennis lesson

Price of Tennis lesson

Number of People per class


$50 Per Hour



$33 Per Hour Per Person


Adult Group

$80 Per Person for 4 one hour classes

(Max 4 people per class)

Juniour Group

$80 Per Person for 4 one hour classes

(Max 4 people Per class)



9am to 8pm everyday (We Have lights).

Membership is not required to take lessons. Nevertheless, member get a 10% discount on lessons.


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